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Brooklyn Biscuit Company
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My Story

Founded by the talented and passionate Liz Santiso, our bakery is a true home-grown success story. It all started with a humble pop-up fundraiser in the heart of Brooklyn, where Liz dedicated her Sundays to selling her delectable sweet and savory biscuits in support of the 6/15 Green community garden. It didn't take long for the word to spread like wildfire about Liz's irresistible biscuits, and soon enough, eager customers were causing them to sell out by noon each Sunday.

With overwhelming demand and a growing reputation, Liz decided to take her baking to the next level and launched the Brooklyn Biscuit Company's online business. The scrumptious treats caught the attention of The New York Times, catapulting the bakery into the spotlight.

Combining her baking talent with her business and branding expertise, Liz led the way to remarkable success. Brooklyn Biscuit Company's biscuits found their way onto the shelves of renowned stores such as Whole Foods, Union Markets, Dean and Deluca (may it rest in peace), and numerous cafes throughout Brooklyn and NYC.

In 2019, we took the bold step of settling into our very own shared storefront in Red Hook, where we could finally call a place our own and bring our vision to life.

Today, our focus has shifted towards serving our loyal customers through private events and catering services. With bookings often made months in advance, Brooklyn Biscuit Company has become the go-to choice for those seeking a unique and delicious experience for their special occasions. Imagine treating your guests to our delightful Brooklyn Biscuit Bar at your next party; it's a surefire way to make it an unforgettable event.

At Brooklyn Biscuit Company, we are all about passion, quality, and community. Each biscuit is crafted with love and care, using the finest ingredients to ensure an unmatched taste that keeps our customers coming back for more.

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Savory biscuits to compliment any meal or create a sandwich



The sweetness comes from honey, agave and pure cane sugar.

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Need some biscuits in your day?

Artisanal Biscuits

A Sneak Peak of the

Classic Salted Buttermilk

Goat Cheese & Cracked Black Pepper

New York Cheddar Jalapeno 

The "Everything" Biscuit

Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Tart Meyer Lemon and Fresh Blueberry our legendary Biscuits & Gravy


You were an absolute delight to work lovely in every way.  It's clear that the creativity and positivity you put into your work is the reason you had such a great response from those who were experiencing you for the first time.  Thanks so much.  What a gift.  

Julianne, NYC 

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Tel: 718.440.2288  |  Email:


Each variety of biscuits can be made in any size you may need. Try our BK BisCo Bites (mini versions) for your next
party or meeting!
For catering questions, give us a call - we'll design the perfect biscuits. 718.440.2288

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Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Lemon Blueberry
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Bacon Cheddar
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Choc. Hazelnut
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Vanilla Ch. Chi
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Goat Cheese Pep
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Everything
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Pear Almond
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Swiss Thyme
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Choc. Peanutbut
Salted Buttermilk Biscuit
Pulled Pork Sandwich
BBQ Jackfruit (Veg)
Chicken Pot Pie Biscuit Sandwich
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Pulled Chix
Bacon & Egg Breakfast Sandwich
Sundried Tomato, Parmesan & Rosemary
Coconut Creme Scone
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Mushroom Shallo
Fresh Cranberry Orange Scone
Brooklyn Biscuit Co. Quiches
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